Privacy Policy

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1.     if the transaction numbers are found wrong more than 3 times then your IP and Account will be locked automatically in every order.

2.      To create an account in our website your email verification is must.In any case you fail to verify your email within next 30 days (from account opening days) it will be permanently closed.

3.     If someone tries to fraud transaction then IP and Account will be locked.

4.     According to our policy if you don't payment within 2 hours your order will be canceled automatically.

5.     Very Important (Skrill & Neteller)

            If you do not give the following payment message from payment form, you will not get the money.

6.     According to our policy if someone provide wrong address and return money then it will be release after  24  hours  and   will  be  detected   from  total   amount  as  a  punishment.

7.     Refund (Charge 5%)

            If the order is not complete for some reason your money will be refunded in the sender account.